What We Deliver

ACGEM is committed to delivering policy solutions which address governance and economic management challenges in Africa. In addition to providing data driven country assessments and policy insights, The Center develops tailored training modules that cater to the unique needs of our clients. These modules cover a wide range of topics, including: governance and public administration, public financial management, economic policy and management, and sustainable development.
Governance And Public Administration
Enhancing public sector performance, strengthening institutions, promoting transparency and accountability, and fostering effective leadership.
Public Financial Management
Developing sound economic policies, improving fiscal management, enhancing investment climate, and promoting sustainable economic growth.
Economic Policy And Management
Building capacity in budgeting, revenue mobilization, expenditure management, procurement systems, and financial accountability.
Sustainable Development
Integrating environmental sustainability into governance and economic management, promoting green growth, and addressing climate change challenges.
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Current Modules

Capacity Development Module for Governance and Economic Management Organization

This module focuses on enhancing the capacity of governance and economic management organizations in Africa. It covers topics such as organizational development, strategic planning, leadership, change management, and effective communication. Participants will gain the necessary skills to strengthen their organizations’ effectiveness, performance, and sustainability, enabling them to drive positive change in governance and economic management.

Monitoring and Evaluation in Governance and Economic Management in Africa

This module provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks and tools in the context of governance and economic management in Africa. It covers key concepts, methodologies, and best practices for designing and implementing M&E systems to assess the impact of policies, programs, and projects. Participants will learn how to use data and evidence to inform decision-making, improve accountability, and enhance the effectiveness of governance and economic management initiatives.

Research Methodology for Governance and Economic Management

This module equips participants with the essential research skills and methodologies necessary for conducting rigorous studies in the field of governance and economic management. It covers various research approaches, data collection, and analysis techniques, literature review, research design, and ethical considerations. Participants will learn how to develop research proposals, gather and analyze data, and effectively communicate research findings. This module empowers participants to contribute to evidence-based policymaking, advance knowledge, and generate practical recommendations for improving governance and economic management practices.