What We Do

Research and Analysis

ACGEM conducts rigorous research and analysis on governance and economic management issues in Africa. Our studies provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing African nations, serving as a foundation for evidence-based policymaking and institutional reforms.

Capacity Development

We offer capacity development programs aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of government officials, civil society leaders, and private sector professionals. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including public administration, fiscal management, anti-corruption measures, regulatory frameworks, and monitoring and evaluation.

Policy Advocacy

The African Center for Governance and Economic Management (ACGEM) will publish thought-provoking and informative blogs that explore a wide spectrum of topics in governance, economic management, and development across Africa. Our blogs offer diverse perspectives and in-depth analyses from both our expert team and esteemed contributors from around the world.

Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance to governments and organizations seeking to strengthen their governance systems and economic management practices. Our team of experts offers tailored advice, guidance, and support to help implement effective governance structures, enhance public financial management, and improve economic policy frameworks.

Knowledge Sharing

ACGEM serves as a platform for knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices among African countries. We organize conferences, workshops, and seminars, bringing together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to foster dialogue, share experiences, and promote collaborative solutions to common challenges.


ACGEM is intentional about developing strategic partnerships with governments, regional and international organizations, academia, the private sector and civil society organizations. By working closely with our partners and stakeholders, ACGEM aims to create an enabling environment for sustainable economic growth, social stability, and the improved quality of life for all Africans