Who We Are



The African Center for Governance and Economic Management (ACGEM) is a renowned institution dedicated to promoting effective governance and sustainable economic development across Africa. Located in Accra, Ghana, The Center is established with a deep commitment to the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance. At ACGEM, we believe that strong governance and robust economic management policies are fundamental pillars for achieving lasting social and economic development. We bring together a diverse team of experts, scholars, policymakers, and practitioners who share a common vision of empowering African nations with the knowledge and tools to address governance challenges. Our organization operates as an independent, non-partisan entity, and we collaborate closely with governments, regional organizations, civil society, and the private sector to design and implement innovative solutions. Through our comprehensive research, capacity development initiatives, policy advocacy, and technical assistance programs, we strive to foster inclusive governance systems and sustainable economic practices that benefit all citizens of Africa.

Our Vision

The African Center for Governance and Economic Management, (ACGEM) envisions a thriving and prosperous Africa, where inclusive and accountable governance systems and sustainable economic management drive equitable growth, social development, and regional integration.


Our Mission

The mission of the African Center for Governance and Economic Management is to foster effective governance practices and enhance economic management across the African continent. Through research, capacity building, and advocacy, we strive to empower governments, institutions, and individuals to achieve transparent, accountable, and participatory governance, leading to sustainable economic growth, poverty reduction, and improved quality of life for all Africans.