ACGEM Fellowship Announcement


ACGEM is a renowned organization dedicated to promoting effective governance and sustainable economic development across Africa. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships with individuals of outstanding accomplishments, expertise, and dedication to promoting good governance and economic management in Africa.

As an ACGEM Fellow, you will have the opportunity to join a distinguished community of experts, scholars, policymakers, and practitioners who share a common vision of driving positive change in Africa. Our fellowship program offers a unique platform for you to contribute your expertise, engage in cutting-edge research, collaborate on impactful projects, and participate in high-level policy dialogues. Your knowledge and experience will play a crucial role in shaping our initiatives and advancing our mission of fostering inclusive governance systems and sustainable economic practices.

By becoming an ACGEM Fellow, you will benefit from a wide range of opportunities and support, including:

Research Collaboration: Engage in collaborative research projects with fellow experts and scholars, addressing critical governance and economic challenges in Africa. Your contributions will help generate valuable insights and contribute to evidence-based policymaking.

Capacity Building and Training: Take part in capacity-building programs and training sessions, both as a participant and as a facilitator. Your expertise will help enhance the skills and knowledge of government officials, civil society leaders, and private sector professionals, contributing to stronger governance systems and economic management practices.

Policy Influence: Contribute to policy advocacy initiatives, participate in high-level policy dialogues, and help shape the governance and economic management agenda in Africa. Your expertise will enable you to influence decision-makers and contribute to the formulation of effective policies and strategies.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse network of professionals, policymakers, and leaders in the field of governance and economic management. Our platform provides numerous networking opportunities, conferences, and events, enabling you to forge valuable connections and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals.

Visibility and Recognition: As an ACGEM Fellow, your contributions and achievements will be acknowledged and recognized both within our network and in the broader professional community. This recognition will further enhance your professional profile and open doors to new opportunities.

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