Amb. Jens-Petter Kjemprud

Jens-Petter Kjemprud is a highly accomplished diplomat with a remarkable career spanning several decades. He has served as an Ambassador in several countries, including Iran, Sudan, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. In Ethiopia, he held dual roles as the Ambassador of Norway to the African Union and the NATO Liaison officer to the African Union.

Jens-Petter Kjemprud has also served as a Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, where he applied his vast expertise in diplomacy to conflict resolution and peace-building. He has been a board member of the Nordic-Africa Institute and held the position of Deputy Director General, Head of the section for East and Central African Affairs, covering the Central African Republic and Chad.

Ambassador Kjemprud has demonstrated exceptional competence in diplomacy across diverse cultural and political contexts. In all his diplomatic postings, he made significant contributions to development and the enhancement of international diplomatic relations, as well as humanitarian causes.

Presently, Ambassador Kjemprud serves as a Senior Advisor at the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue in Geneva. In this capacity, he continues to leverage his diplomatic insights and expertise to address global humanitarian challenges and promote peace and cooperation on the international stage.

Jens-Petter Kjemprud completed his Examen artium at Drammen Gymnasium and his Ex. Philosophicum at the University of Oslo. He also holds a law degree from the University of Oslo.