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The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals

The current global context of slow economic growth, social inequality and environmental
degradation is creating unprecedented challenges for the international community.
Indeed, we are facing a change in era: it is no longer viable to continue with the same
patterns of production, energy and consumption as before. We need a shift from the
prevailing paradigm to one of inclusive, long-term sustainable development.
This paradigm shift is also needed in Latin America and the Caribbean which, although
not the world’s poorest region, is the most unequal. Inequality, while existing the world
over, constitutes a particular hindrance to the fulfilment of potential in this region.
The region’s gaps are structural ones: low productivity and an infrastructure deficit,
segregation and lags in the quality of health and education services, persistent gender
gaps, inequalities affecting minorities and geographical territories, and impacts of
climate change that are felt most heavily by the poorest sectors in society

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